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Homily on Habib the Martyr

Composed by Mar Jacob.1

Homily on Habib the Martyr

Composed by Mar Jacob.1


To whom he is like, and after what pattern he is to be fashioned among the glorious?

Or not so comely this as that, to him that beholdeth him?

That he may be, instead of Him the Fourth, by the side of the conquerors.

He is to be praised, both where He rescues and where He delivers up.

And that of him who was not burned, because the will also was equal.

Pursueth his course like a valiant3 man, because of the beauty of his faith.

And as it were a leader of the way did he become to the villages when he arrived in them.

For this-that he might speak of Him without hindrance.5

To this region, which had become insipid through unbelief.

That they might not be ignominiously overthrown9 by the paganism which abounded.

So that his faith pursued its course without dread.

Vexation goaded her on, and she sought to take away his life.

After Habib did they go out to catch him.

His kindred and his mother did they seize for his sake.

That its wine may be for a libation whose taste is sweet.

For with light was he imbued, and from the darkness he would not flee.

And to meet death he ran, rejoicing, for Jesus' sake.

And the judge shook, for he saw him courageous in the very face of death.

And on Him the martyr looked, and presented himself uncompelled before the judge.

And recounting the sufferings which were being prepared by him on his account.

Because he was deemed worthy that on him should come the agony of the sufferings of crucifixion.

That he might have experience of suffering, and in the burning stand like a brave man.

And fire in front of him: still was he brave and full of faith.

And thus did she firmly hold, and thus does she teach him that listens to her.

And her face was beaming on the beloved martyr who was united to her.

And, forasmuch as his crown was very noble, she grieved not.

And the sword was blunted, that it should no more lay waste the friends of Christ.

Blessed be he that gave him a crown, and glory, and a good name!

Here endeth the Homily on Habib the martyr, composed by Mar Jacob.

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