1 Addis and Arnod. A Catholic Dictionary. Sixth Ed with imprimatur signed by Cards. Manning and McCloskey, s.v. Three Chapters.

1 From here to the next asterisk the text varies. Hefele says he follows the Paris codex with "abridgments".

2 The emperor could say that the letter was condemned at Chalcedon, because the Acts of Ephesus were read in the first session of Chalcedon. Garnier is in error with regard to this, as Hefele points out.

3 This I have given in full.

1 Thus far the mss. agree almost word for word. The divergence for the rest is most marked.

2 There is some doubt about this name.

3 This was the "Constitutum".

1 This, of course, refers to Pope Vigilius.

1 The text here is uncertain, and the Latin and Greek do not agree. Vide Hefele.

2 i.e. "as an abstraction (th|= qewri/a9 mo/nh|)."

3 The text here is uncertain.