2 There seems but little doubt that the Gregorian Calendar will be introduced before many years into Russia.

1 I confess I do not know what the phrase kata/ tina a0taci/an means, nor do the Greek Commentators give much help. I have translated "by reason of some disorder" in the canon itself, and in the notes, but Beveridge renders it propter aliquam insolentiam, which to me appears very unsatisfactory. The pro quoedam intemperantia of the ordinary Latin seems no better. The same word is used in the next canon.

1 Hefele seems to have overlooked this. The note referring to the Apostolic Canons is all wrong (p.68, n. 1.)

1 Hefele on the preceding page (p.61, n. I) says "Of course the sentence or canon to which the adversaries of Chrysostom referred must he distinguished from the fourth and twelfth true Antiochan canons. It seems somewhat difficult to reconcile this with what I have cited above, and with the following (p.65): ""In the affair of St. Chrysostom the canon employed against him was represented as proceeding from the Arians. and all attempts to deny its identity with our fourth and twelfth Antiochian canons are fruitless".