2 It is curious that after all the attempts that have been made to get this matter settled, the Church is still separated into East and West-the latter having accepted the Gregorian Calendar from which the Eastern Church, still using the Julian Calendar, differs in being twelve days behinid And even in the West we have succeeded in breaking the spirit of the Nicene decree, for in 1815 the Christian Easter coincided with the Jewish Passover!

1 Beveridge, Synodicon., tom.I., p. vi. et seqq. (Bev. Works, tom. II., Append. p. xiii. et seqq. [Anglo.-Cath. Lib.]).

1 Not "Maxitnilian," as in tbe English translation of Hefele's History of the Councils, Vol. I.. p.199 (revised edition). Maximian died in 310, Galerius in 311, Maxentius in 312, and Diocletian in 313.