40 Exod. xxxiii 22.

1 Is. I. 10. Rev. xi. 8.

2 Mat. xi. 12.

3 I. e., the gates of the heart, before the gates of the Church.

4 Col. ii. 14.

5 The increase of light at the time of the Nativity is meant.

6 Exod. xii. 3.

7 Of Nisan. So St. E. writes on Exod. xii. 3. "The Lamb is a type of our Lord, who on the tenth of Nisan entered into the womb; for from the tenth day of the seventh month when Zachary received the message of John's birth, even to the tenth day of the first month when Mary received the message from the Angel, are six months."

8 John xi. 25.

9 Isai 6.

1 Ps l.9; Is. lxvi. 3.

2 Exod. iv. 4, etc.

1 S. husks.

2 So too St. E. himself upon Exodus xxxvii. "And Bezaleel made an ark of undecaying wood, a type of the Body of Immanuel, which is incorruptible, and not soiled by sin. By the gold within and without he indicates the Divine Nature of the Word, which was united unto all the functions (S. vessels) of the Soul and the Body in a manner no discourse can reach, seeing he anointed our manhood with His Godhead." These words appear to make it plain, that St. E. means the same ark above as in this passage; he, however, uses a different word, and one which others contend is only applied to Noah's ark.

3 St. Mark, vi. 3, intimates that our Lord was a carpenter Himself, while on earth.

4 He alludes to Palm Sunday, on which the children carried them.

5 Gen. xxii. 6.

6 Gen. xxx. 1