1 Aeconomi (stewards) revere officers appointed to manage the revenues of each diocese under the bishops' direction, when the bishops and their archdeacons had enough to do otherwise:cf. Bingham, Antiq., Bk. III. chap. xii.

1 Quod proedicat, some mss. quid proedicat (what to preach): some also add quoniam qui ignorat, ignorabitur (from 1 Cor. xiv. 38).

2 S. Luke xxiv. 38, 39.

3 Salutifer Davidicoe Virginis partus illuxit.

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5 S. Matt. i. 1.

6 Rom. ix. 5.

7 2 Tim. ii. 8.

1 Marcian died in 457, and was succeeded by Leo of Thrace.

2 On Marcian's death there had been a rising, in which Proterius had been brutally murdered, and a monk named Timothy Aelurus set up in his stead.