4 The wording of Canon 6 is as follows: mos antiquus perduret, in Aegypto vel Libya et Pentapoli, ut Alexandrinus episcopus horum omnium habeat potestatem, quoniam quidem et episcopo Romano parilis mos est. Similiter autem et apud Antiochiam ceterasque provincias ( e0parci/aj ) honor suus unicuique servetur ecclesioe :where it will be noticed, no mention is made of Constantinople at all, so that its position is not explicitly defined either way.

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1 Actionem (others not so well sanctionem ) paeitentioe.

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1 These were the monks of Palestine who immediately on Theodosius' return from the Synod stirred up great riots first in Jerusalem and then throughout Palestine.

2 Letters of the Emperor Marcion (quoted by Ball.) speak (1) of a letter written by Theodosius quas solus poterat fingere diabolus ; and (2) of cruelties, tortures, and insults commited particularly in mulieres honestas et nobiles, whereby the rioters had not hesitated to force many to acquiesce in their wicked teaching.

3 They had slain Severian, Bishop of Scythopolis, and would aIso have slain Juvenal, Bishop of Jerusalem, if he had not taken refuge in flight (Ball.).

4 A portion of this letter is among the quotation's added at the end of Letter CLXV. See also Vol. IV. p. 570.

5 What this triple error was will be found in Lett. LIX., chap. v. (q.v.) : cf. also Lett. CXXIV. and CLXVII.

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