1 Sc. Letter XXVIII. (Tome).

2 Caro animata.

3 2 Cor. xiii. 4.

4 His Laterculum Pashale is meant, in which he calculated Easter for 100 years from 375. A similar dispute had ocurred in 444, in which we have S. Cyril's and Paschasinus' Letters (II and III. Of series) to Leo, but not Leo's answers.

5 The latin Easter cycles were calculated for 84 years.

1 In accordance with instructions, the bishops, to the number of 529, first met at Nicoea, in Bithynia, the scene of the famous first General Council: but the Emperor Marcian was afraid to go so far from Constantinople, and so they were summoned to Chalcedon, which was much nearer, on the eastern shore of the Bosporus. There the Council opened on Oct. 8, 451.

2 The right of presiding, which he here virtually claims for his delegates, seems actually to have been accorded to them by the council.

3 The Ball. think the date should be the 27th.

1 The Magistriani were what would now be called King`s Messengers: another name for them was agentes in rebus. and they were under the direction of the Imperial Magister Officorum.

2 See n. 4 on Letter XCIII., i.

3 Rom. xii. 15.

1 Ps. cxxvi. 2.

2 S. Matt. xxviii. 19, 20.

3 Ibid. xviii. 20.

4 eunoian : others read eu0bouli/an (good advice).