1 2Cor.xi.2.

2 Rom. viii. 34.

3 Juvenal (Bishop of Jerusalem). and Eustathius (Bishop Or Berytus), had been two of the principal abettors of Dioscorus in the Latrocinium. The "reading out of their names at the altar" alludes to the practice in the early Church of keeping registers (called "diptychs' ) of the members (alive and dead) of the Church from which one or two of the more prominent names (clerical and lay) were read out at the celebration of the Holy mysteries: cf. The modern "Bidding prayer, &

4 This is the Bishop of Doryloeum in Phrygia, Eutyches former friend, but more recently his relentless accuser of heresy.

1 i.e. Lett. LXXVIII. of the series.

1 Viz., in Letter LXXX., chap, iv : see also chap. iii

2 S. Matt. vii. 14.

3 Sc. The so called Latrocinium.

4 See n. 8 to Letter LXXX., chap iii.

5 Viz., in Letter LXXX.. chap. iii., where see note.

6 Commonitorium . Nothing further seems known of this.