1 This, it will be remembered, was Hillary : see Letter X. above.

1 This letter, together with Letters XL. , LXV. And LXVI. Are found only in the Collection of Arles (numbered XV. By the Ballerinii).

2 Vel can hardly equel et as the Ball. Would wish. So that here Leo recommends either his own Tome or Cyril's second letter to Nestorius. Cf. Letter LXIX., chap. I. Below; also Letter LXX.

1 Cf. Lett. XVII. N 2a.

2 Peculiares tui. So each one's autograph subscription at the end of the letter Ceretius calls himself susceptus vester , Salonius venerator vester, and Veranus cultor vestri apostolatus.

3 Foliis

1 Wherein- see, probably a gloss by way of identifying the letter: it is the second letter to Nestorius. See Letter LXVII above.

2 Viz., the third Ecumenical Council held at Ephesus 431, in which Nestorius was condemned .

3 Viz., XXVIII (The Tome).

4 S. Luke ii. 14.

1 Valentinian III. Had been nominally Emperor of the West since 425, but his mother's (Galla Placidia) death this year compelled him to rule as well as have the name of ruler: almost simultaneously in the East the death of Theodisius II. Brought to the front his sister Pulcheria and her soldier husband Marcion.