50 Rom. xiv. 10, 4; S. Matt. vii. 1, 2.

51 Nothing further is known for certain of this Theodore. He may be the author of the VIth of the Conferences; but must be carefully distinguished from his more celebrated namesake, the friend of Pachomius, and third Abbot of Tabenna, who died before Cassian's visit to Egypt.

52 Sacramenta.

53 Diolcos is mentioned again in the Conferences XVIII. i. Sozomen (VI. xxix.) speaks of two celebrated monasteries near there presided over by Piamun and John.

54 Somewhat similar stories are told of others by Palladius(Lausiac History, cc. ii. 1, lxx.); and Rufinus, History of the Monks, I. xxiii.

55 Apostolus.

56 The Mareotic Dome is the district round Lake Mareotis, a lake in the north of the delta bordering upon the Libyan desert (the modern birket el Mariout), and running parallel to the Mediterranean, from which it is separated by a long and narrow ridge of sand.

57 On Paphnutius see the note on the Conference III. i.BOOK 7

58 Socrates (H.E. Book IV. c. xxiii.) gives an account of two monks of the name of Macarius, one of whom was from Upper Egypt, and the other from Alexandria. Compare also Rufinus History of the Monks, cc. xxviii., xxix. It is not certain to which of them Cassian's stories refer, here and in the Conferences V. xii. VII. xxvii., XXIV. xiii. The story told in Conference XV. iii, refers to the "Egyptian" Macarius (cf. Sozomen H. E. III. xiv., where the miracle is expressly assigned to him): that in XIV. iv. evidently belongs to the "Alexandrian" Macarius. The two are mentioned together in Conference XIX. ix., and by various other writers.

1 1 Tim. vi. 10.

2 2 Cor. vii. 10.