1 The date is after the Peroration to the Epistle to the Romans (see p. 568); but it seemed better not to divide the Prefaces, etc., to the translations of Origen's Commentaries.

1 Si quid in Ecclesia declamatur.

2 Cathedram docendi.

1 A thing held in the hand.

2 A ring.

1 That is, the ten books of Eusebius' History.

2 That is, the two books added by Rufinus.

3 Chromatius.

1 A Roman noble converted by Rufinus and Melania, with the latter of whom he was connected.

1 Or man of steel: (it might also be translated, The indomitable); a name given to Origen, an account of the greatness of his labours. It is said by Westcott Dict. of Xtn. Biog. "Origen") to have been adopted by Origen himself, and to form part of his real name.

1 Joshua.

1 Nothing more is known of Ursacius than is to be gathered from the mention of him here.

2 The date is fixed by the burning of Rhegium by Alaric, who intended to invade Sicily, but his transports were scattered by a storm and he himself died soon after. See Gibbon ch. xxxi.

3 Apparently a longer style of note.