179 Died 498.

180 the first man A; the first man's soul e² 30 31 40.

181 discussion 30 40 e²; discussion and definition A 31.

182 Died 496.

183 five e 25 30; six Fabr. Her.

184 ten e 25 30; six Norimb Her.; eleven Guelefenb.

1 "He came in with a slow and stately step; he spoke with a broken utterance, sometimes with a kind of disjointed sobs rather than words. He had a pile of tomes upon the table; and then, with a frown and a contraction of the nostrils, and his forehead wrinkled up, he snapped his fingers to call the attention of his audience. What he said had no depth in it; but he criticized others, and pointed out their defects, as though he would exclude them from the Senate of Christian teachers. He was rich, and entertained freely, and many flocked round him in his public appearances. He was as luxurious as Nero at home, as stern as Cato abroad; as full of contradictions as the Chimaera."

2 Hist. Eccl. ii. 8.

3 For the date of this work, see the Note prefixed to it in the translation of Jerome's works, Vol. vi. of this series.

4 See Jerome's expressions in his book "Against John of Jerusalem" c. 11, which evidently refer to Rufinus: "grinning like a dog and turning up his nose."

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6 Jer. Ep. cxxvii, 9 Ap. iii. 21.

7 Successor of Ambrose, and Bishop a.d. 397-400. See the Letter of Anastasius to him. Jer. Ep. xcv.

8 She died soon after. See Jerome Ep. lxxxi, 1.

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10 See Jer. Ep. lxxxi, 1.

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15 See those Lives translated in Vol. vi of this Series.

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