15 al. "sung."

16 Morel. and ms. in Bodleian read the passage thus: "are holy, but the (Holiness) of God is greater than their holiness, and surpassing, as in comparison with us, so also with the powers which are above us."

17 katorqwma/twn.

18 al. "stronger."

19 al. "our."

20 paraxara/tontaj.

21 al. "clearly."

22 al. "accused."

23 al. "see."

24 Morel. and ms. in Bodleian, read, "and the adoption through the Spirit, given to us."

25 oi0konomi/aj.

26 al. "having from a few learned the whole."

27 au0to\j au0to\ gignetai.

1 ei0j sun/esin lyb@i#&%;m

Maschil, su/nesij, intellectus, et ut Hieron. reddit, eruditio, aliqui, erudiens, vel intellectum praestans. Lorin. in tit. Ps. 31. (32).

2 Some mss. read "silver, and search for it as treasure; He would not have said Search, &c."

3 gnwstw=j.

4 Augus. De Civ. Dei, lib. 16, 39.

5 lit. "been likened."

6 al. "only singing."

7 al. "they shall answer again."

8 e0cai/reton.

9 al. therefore saith (Paul), "Who was manifested in the flesh," for the manifestation, &c.

10 al. "many say."

11 a@grupnon.

12 al. "many prophets.'"

13 periousi/aj, al. "exactness."

14 e0ndiaita=sqai.

15 tre/fesqai, al. stre/fesqai, versari.

16 lit. "uses."

17 lit. "He Who Is." Another reading of the passage is, "if he were asked...and should answer, he is bidden to say that, &c."

18 a0na/rxwj kai\ a0i#diwj.

19 al. "allows to be applied."

20 a@nw kai\ ka/tw.

21 e0chgh/sato.

22 or, "Messenger."

23 mega/lhj boulh=j a@ggeloj. The LXX. version of the titles of Christ, Isa. ix. 6.

24 filosofian.

25 o9mo/skhnoj, "tent-fellow."

26 al. "care."

27 al. "let us then so care for our neighbors, as not neglecting each his own flesh."

28 a0nh=ken.

29 o9moti/mwj.

30 al. "passions."

31 al. "union with Him."

1 e0ptohme/noi.

2 al. "these therefore."

3 Morel, "in like manner one may see in Luke, (iii. 16,) John saying to those who reasoned concerning him whether he was the Christ, that "One mightier than I cometh," and by his answer again removing such a suspicion."

4 diakrou/esqai.

5 e0tu/reuon.

6 Morel. and ms. in Bodl. "seest thou how, disguising what they had, they add."

7 u9poskeli/sai.

8 Morel. and ms. in Bodl. "they attempt to involve him in an accusation, compelling him."

9 al. "will ye."

10 th\n do/can tou= pe/myantoj au0to\n, G. T.