29 i.e. His Crucifixion.

30 al. "then again."

31 al. "a certain irresistible and divine."

32 Or "of their whole nature."

33 ou\toi ka0kei=noi (G. T.).

34 al. "how."

35 prostasi/a.

36 There are places where he allows that the prayers of others may avail a man in the Judgment, when they are the consequence of his good deeds. See on Statues, Hom. ii. § 17.

1 al. "nothing."

2 al. "is."

3 al. "shall be."

4 al. "this may he learnt from Ezekiel."

5 al. "in a far greater way."

6 Lit. "wipe out."

7 al. "very much a servant."

8 al. "and others again with these."

9 politei/aj.

10 lh/mh, al. lu/mh, "defilement."

11 al. "said to."

12 No such passage is extant in Josephus. Probably the place alluded to is Antiq. b. xviii. c. 5, § 2, where the destruction of the troops of Herod the tetrarch by Aretas is attributed to the death of John the Baptist.

13 Ben. "the war through which the city of the Jews, which was once the mother city, is no city."

14 al. "raises."

15 Morel. kai\ pa/nta ta\ au0tou= o@ntwj a0nezh/th, w/j kai\ peri\ th=j a0w/rou h9liki/aj th=j sfattome/nhj.

16 al. "produce."

17 Morel. inserts "hence, away with the thought."

18 al. "of babes."

19 al. "would not so."

20 al. "because the many."

21 ge/gonen.

22 al. "those therefore."

23 Morel. "as obeying it in all things: but they who yet moved below, needed also many other (things), because of their groveling on the ground, and being wrapt."

24 al. "all the."

25 al. "men for inst."

26 u9postolh;.

27 Lit. "shaded over."

28 Morel. and ms. Savile reads prostiqe/asi th=| pth/sei pa/lin kai;...plei/ona suna/ptousin.

29 al. "make believe."

30 Matt. iii. 11, and Luke iii. 16.

31 Some mss. add, "but being able to possess the souls of the many with much fearlessness."

32 al. "Christ Himself."

33 sxh=ma.

34 Ben. "provoked (to curiosity) by."

35 Matt. iii. 11 not verbally quoted.

36 Not found In Matt.

37 geno/menoj e@mprosqen.

38 prw=toj h!n.

39 u9pa/rcewj.

40 ou0siw/sewj.

41 al. "the reference is."

42 al. "has magnified."

43 al. "not much ground."

44 al. "more soaring."

45 lit. "flourished."

46 e@leon. St. Chrysostom plays on the word, which was pronounced nearly as e@laion, "oil." Thus on 2 Tim. ii. 25, Hom. vi.

47 the "service," leitourgi/a.

48 al. "only such."

49 ta\ deuterei=a prosenegkw/n. St. Chrysostom implies, that the offering of Cain was not of his best.

50 ei\doj.

51 e0lehmosu/nh, (lit "mercifulness,") whence our alms.

52 Morel. "sit down in the heavenly bride-chamber."

1 meqekth9n dwrea\n.

2 al. "little."

3 or, "just so much."

4 lit. "salt."

5 or, "sight," e0kei=qen.

6 in Orig. "the house of Israel and Judah."

7 in Orig. "their."

8 al. "with black on white colors."

9 or, "from above."

10 a0nastoixeiwqe/ntej, made up of fresh elements.

11 So Morel. Ben. and ms. in Bodleian. Savile reads ou0 pollh\n.

12 mei/zonoj palitei/aj.

13 or, "purify yourselves," foiba/sesqe.

14 Perhaps from Deut. xviii. 10.