14 a0parrhsi/astoi.

15 ou0k a0pistw=.

1 "new made" or "inaugurated."

2 "a great Priest."

3 "confession."

4 e0nekai/nise, "consecrated."

5 a0lla\ zw=san au0th\n e0ka/lese : toute/sti, ta\ prosta/gmata, th\n me/nousan. This is the reading of all the best mss., the Catena and ancient Translation. The later editions omit toute/sti, ta\ prosta/gmata and add ou#tw dhlw=n. Mr. Field thinks the passage may be corrupt; the parenthetic words seem added to explain that it is the Christian ordinances, which he understands by the "way that abideth."

6 [See above, p. 438 and St. Cyril Alex. Quod Unus Christus, 761.]

7 ta\ h9me/tera.

8 or, "encouraging."

9 ei0j parocusmo\n, "to the sharpening" or "exciting of."

10 [The English edition here inserts, "This he forbids them [to do]," from tou=to au0toi=j a0pagoreu/ei of the Benedictine text, supported by some mss., but omitted by Mr. Field.-F. G.]

11 See 2 Cor. ii. 8.

12 mikroyuxw=men

1 ou0ke/ti.

2 lit. "indignation of fire."

3 i.e. Baptism.

4 "encouraging."

5 The Novatians, who refused to admit to Penitence and the Sacraments those who had fallen into deadly sin after Baptism.

6 The Holy Eucharist.

7 ou0ke/ti.

8 Compare Hom. ix. [5], p. 410.

9 or, "Art thou...dost thou give?"

10 [Or better, 2 Sam. xxiv. 14.-F. G.]

11 [St. Chrys. may have had in mind the latter part of the verse just cited, Ecclus. ii. 18, "for as His majesty is; so is His mercy," and combined it with the first part of the verse he next cites, Ecclus. v. 6, "For mercy and wrath come from Him," &c.

12 prolhyewj [preoccupation.-F. G.].

13 It does not appear what passage of Scripture St. Chrys referred to: the altered text has, "He hath said: `In everything give thanks. 0' He hath said, `Blessed are the poor in spirit. 0' "

14 pou e!pnei.