7 to\ a0ko/mpaston.

8 These words occur later, ver. 26. The account of the first examination of the blind man is different; ver. 15. "Then again the Pharisees asked him how he had received his sight."

9 al. "taught."

10 "one of another," N. T.

11 "pluck it out," N. T.

12 kakw=j h9nwme/nwn.

13 al. "often are."

14 "provide," N. T.

15 politei/aj.

16 Morel. "from among."

1 "How can a man," &c., N. T.

2 al. "the judgment amazed him not."

3 "the Jews," N. T.

4 "the parents of him," &c., N. T.

5 al. "who envied."

6 al. "was a sinner."

7 mikroyuxi/an. The Bened. editor observes, that by the Fathers the word is used to signify "grudging"; "quarreling."

8 ver. 9, "He is like him."

9 al. "establishing what had been done."

10 a0gwni/an.

11 ta\ tou= Xristou= sugkrotou/ntwn, al. kata\ tou= X.

12 skaiw/rhma.

13 al. "a witness worthy."

14 a0telh\j.

15 "his parents," N. T.

16 Another reading has this sense: "For although that was the opinion of the Jews, yet he hath also added the judgment of Christ; and hath said that the sentence of the Jews was to put out of the synagogue those who confessed Him to be the Christ."

17 N. T. ver. 22-24. "For the Jews had agreed already, that if any man did confess that He was Christ, he should be put out of the synagogue. Therefore said his parents, He is of age, ask him. Then again called they the man that was blind, and said unto him."

18 lit. "that ye begot him."

19 al. "Son of Man."

20 Mor. "and by."

21 al. "dogs."

22 al. "surely enclosed."

23 "already," N. T.

24 al. "weaker."

25 al. "trouble."

26 al. "reckoned."

27 "as for this fellow, we know not whence He is," N. T.

28 "and yet He hath opened mine eyes," N. T.

29 "him He heareth," N. T.

30 al. "he (al. they) said that Christ was a worshiper of God."

31 ver. 33. "If this Man were not of God, He could do nothing."

32 al. "Then he draws an inference also. `If this Man were not of God He could do nothing.0' If therefore it is acknowledged," &c.

33 or, "prevailed in all by."

34 al. "if they," &c.

35 i.e. through a good conscience.

36 al. "heavy and violent."

37 al. "desire."