8 sugkratei=, al. sugkrotei=.

9 Ver. 58, o#j a@n fa/gh|, [o9 trw/gwn, G. T.].

10 "keep," N. T.

11 "If any man eat," N. T.

12 al. "And observe how He bound the disciples to Himself; for these are they who say, `Thou hast the words of life, whither shall we depart? 0' but here He bringeth in Himself giving, not the Father."

13 al. "`The bread which I will give. 0' But the multitudes not so, but contrariwise, `This is a hard saying, 0' wherefore they go back. Yet it was no strange or unusual doctrine, for John," &c.

14 or, "risen."

15 i.e. communicants.

16 a0nakerasqw=men.

17 a0ne/fure.

18 e#n p.

19 al. "is proof of."

20 i.e. by the New Birth.

21 a0nqhra\n.

22 al. "this mystical blood."

23 e0xeirotonei=.

24 al. "washed away."

25 al. "is delighted."

26 al. "pouring forth."

27 al. "cooleth."

28 or, "slayings."

29 al. "what is there."

1 "no life," N. T.

2 "eternal life," N. T.

3 al. "but having renounced all these things, and having banished all these things from our minds, let us," &c.

4 Ben. adds, "in a city."

5 al. "we must needs hear with."

6 ei0j te/loj.

7 "truly," N. T.

8 al. "but what is the, `is true meat 0'?" &c.

9 a0nakirna=tai.

10 e0nergei/aj.

11 eu0do/kimon.

12 Ben. "both because He had said eternal life, and also showing."

13 al. "it was possible."

14 a0kolouqi/aj.

15 or, "those before."

16 politei/aj.

17 i@d0hte qewrh=te, G. T.

18 a0poklh/rwsin.

19 al. "Christ."

20 or, "anything that is."

21 or, "rest," lhcin.

22 al. "often say."

23 "Him (the Son)," N. T.