11 There is no authority for a different reading, but it seems to be rightly conjectured by Savile and Ben. that the names "Daniel" and "David" should be transposed. The proverb is that used by David, 1 Sam. xxiv. 13, and the other passage alluded to may be Dan. xii. 10, "the wicked shall do wickedly." ms. in Bodl. reads, a0nomi/a e0k babulw=noj for e0c a0no/mwn plhmmelei/a.

12 al. "more."

13 al. "awaits."

14 ms. in Bodl. "alluding to these."

15 ms. in Bodl. "as soon as they heard the woman they believed, for they," &c.

16 ms. in Bodleian reads here, "and be more careful than thy (present) self."

17 ms. in Bodl. reads, "My Heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if ye forgive not, neither will He forgive you."

18 kataxwnnu/mena.

19 i.e. sins done after Baptism.

20 Ei/j pu=r cai/nonti. Plat. Legg. vi. p. 750. "And like," &c. is not in the text of Savile.

21 al. "speaking evil."

22 al. "four hundred."

23 or, "confess to Thee."

1 lit. "brought up with."

2 al. "to be."

3 Ben. "that coming."

4 khdemoni/aj.

5 al. "elected."

6 al. "instituted."

7 i.e. of Redemption. pa=san th9n pragmatei/an sunesth/sato.

8 al. "them," i.e. the Prophets.

9 al. "seeking."

10 a0gnwmosu/nhn.

11 e0pi\ diorqw/sei.

12 ms. in Bodl. reads, "and why say I of a lost world? of a world which was in evils great exceedingly."

13 or, "messengers."

14 al. "suppose."

15 i.e. who had wrought deliverances.

16 ms. in Bodl. "and this is, that `a prophet hath no honor in his own country.0' "

17 ms. in Bodl. reads, "and why, saith some one, went He again to Cana?"

18 al. "brings on."

19 al. "witnesses it."

20 qauma/zwn.

21 Mark ix. 24 [not found in St. Luke].

22 ms. in Bodl. adds, "of things belonging to carefulness."

23 e0k pare/rgou.

24 i.e. in a true believer.

25 Morel. "'and regarded only what was taking place concerning his son."

26 a@nw kai\ ka/tw.

27 oi@koqen.

28 ms. in Bodl. reads, "He said this as (He said) to the disciples, `Believe,0' "&c.

29 e0gw\ e\n tw=| Patri\ kai\ o9 Path\r e0n e0moi/. G. T. and Ben.

30 e0nergei/aj.

31 die/kuye.

32 lit. "been aroused."

33 eu0labeste/rouj.

34 al. "are stanch."

35 al. "all."

36 al. "from."

1 lit. "distracting."

2 lit. "wonder."

3 al. "feasts."

4 probatikh\ kolumbh/qra [e0pi\ th=| p. G. T.].

5 [a0sqenou/ntwn] G. T. and Ben.

6 u9pogra/fei, al. prou>\p.

7 al. "harm the faith of the hearers."