20 pare/lkon.

21 pukti/on.

22 al. "this Law was not given."

23 i.e. on the Day of Pentecost.

24 al. "the reality of the matters."

25 lit. "nature of sin."

26 al. "the actions," i.e. of the Gospel.

27 Morel. [let us prepare].

28 al, "it were meet to be."

29 Morel. "beholding the devil shamed by means of the Divine oracles, and greatly striving." Below Morel. reads, "run to such a sight."

30 ska/mmata, diau/louj, laba\j, terms of the wrestling school. ska/mma, the place dug out for the exercise, hence the exercise itself. di/auloj, the double course. labh;, the gripe of the wrestler. Thus of Job, on Stat. Hom. i. 16; of the Three Children, ib. Hom. iv. 8, &c.

31 This clause is not found in Ben.

32 al. "of the Eternal Goods."

1 diabalei=n, al. dialabei=n, al. diapera=n.

2 u9mei=j le/gete, G. T.

3 polu\ me/ga.

4 pa/relkon.

5 al. "favor."

6 al. "at this rate."

7 al. "removed (her) reasoning from such things."

8 sugkrotei=.

9 u9po/qesin.

10 lit. "removing this."

11 al. "truth."

12 or, "this."

13 The passage is read differently in the ms. in Bodl. "not willing them to continue in those ancient (practices)."

14 al. "by these means."

15 al. "in spirit. where? in," &c.

16 ms. in Bodl. "this is to worship in truth."

17 a0phgo/reuse.

18 ms. in Bodl. "the law of Moses."

19 w\| a0po/keitai.

20 al. "this."

21 e0sagh/neuse.

22 ms. in Bodleian, "for, saith the Evangelist, Peter looks on the disciple."

23 e0caireton.

24 korufai=oj.

25 al. "all places."

26 Si/mwn 'Iwna=, G. T.

27 i.e. St. Peter loved his Lord, and therefore we infer that he was loved of Him; of St. John Scripture speaks expressly, as being "the Disciple whom Jesus loved."

28 al. "all."

29 metria/zwmen.

30 to\ eu0o/lisqon.

31 al. "that sinneth."

32 a0dranh\j.

33 drapeteu/onta.

1 o$j ou0 lamba/nei k.t.l. G. T.

2 Ben. "in a higher degree."

3 al. "by grace."

4 i.e. to their infirmity.

5 al. "more fearful."

6 h0rw/twn. E. V. prayed: Ben and ms. in Bodl. h0rw/twn e0ntau=qa parekalou=n e0sti\, th= e0gxwri/w| au0tw=n fwnh=|.

7 ms. in Bodl. "our salvation."

8 i.e. given by means of things which are objects of experience. u9pografh\ pei/raj, al. pei/ra.

9 eu0koli/a, al. r9astw/nh.

10 al. "by this."