6 Morel. and ms. in Bodleian read: ou#tw toi=j qei/oij lo/goij prosba/llwmen, kai\ ou#tw meta\ suntetrimme/nhj sfo/dra th=j dianoi/aj k.t.l..

7 Morel. and ms. in Bodleian read: ti\ ga\r a@topon proskei=sqai e0n Kana=|, kai\ mh\ a0rxh\n ei\nai tau/thn tw=n tou= 'Ihsou= shmei/wn.

8 [admired and believed] Morel. and ms.

9 e0pisu/resqai.

10 Luke xix. 46, u9mei=j e0poih/sate k.t.l.. G. T.

11 lit. "called it."

12 Or, "that He did this." o#qen ei0ko\j deu/teron tou=to gegenh=sqai. al. pepoihke/nai

13 or, "adversary of God."

14 or, "base persons," a0gorai/wn.

15 th\n pro\j au0to\n sumfwni/an.

16 a9plw=j.

17 eu0gnw/monej.

18 al. "took to Him."

19 u#poulon.

20 al. "were proposed to."

21 Savile, 9O Qeo\j, "whether He was the One God"; but the article is not found in Ben. Morel. or mss.

22 [o@tan u9ywQw=] Ben.

23 au0th=| [genea=|] G. T.

24 al. "were drawn away."

1 ei0j to\ o@noma au0tou=, G. T.

2 a0kribe/steroi, al. a0sfale/steroi.

3 pa/nta [pa/ntaj, G. T.].

4 eu0ri/pistoi.

5 mh\ o9 no/moj h9mw=n k.t.l. G. T.

6 'Ihsou=n, G. T.

7 peri\ to=n X.

8 Farisai/ouj, G. T.

9 stre/fetai.

10 e0nergou/menon au0to\n.

11 metria/zwn.

12 al. "of truth."

13 or, "laver."

14 yuxikh;, "belonging to the natural life," opposed in N. T. pneumatikh/.

15 or, "strike."

16 a@nwqen ("again," or "from above").

17 lit. "introduces."

18 Ben. transposes the clauses.

19 i0liggia=|.

20 yuxiko\j.

21 lit. "shook."