1 kai/. The reference is not clear. It may possibly be to Titus, whom he presently names before Timothy; but the explanations that follow would be hardly needed in that case.

2 i.e. his plan of meeting Jewish prejudices.

3 Of miracles said to be wrought by the bones of Timothy, see Hom. on Stat. 1, § 2, Ben.

4 parrhsi/an. His freedom of speech in the court of Heaven. See Hom. i. on Stat. § 2, and note at the end of Hom. vi. on Stat. Hom. i. on Stat. enlarges on the character of Timothy from 1 Tim. v. 23.

5 Or conspicuous faneroi=j.

6 Some copies omit the latter quotation.

7 So. Sav Ben. have been.