1 [R. V. margin, "seventy times and seven." There is no difference of reading, but one of interpretation. Comp. Augustine, vol. vi., p.107, Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers. Chrysostom does not indicate which view he accepts.-R]

2 1 Sam. ii. 5.

3 [R. V., "make a reckoning."]

4 [R. V., "wherewith to pay."]

5 Matt. xviii. 23-25. [The textual variations are slight.-R.]

6 Matt. xviii. 28.

7 Matt. xix. 25. [Comp. Mark x. 26.]

8 Rom. xi. 33.

9 Matt. v.22.

10 Matt. v. 28.

11 Matt. xviii. 3. [Slightly altered.]

12 [e0pitro/pwn, "stewards," answering here to "overseers," in the worst sense.-R.]

13 Jer. ii. 12.

14 e0cbakxeu/qh.

15 [ou0de\ a0grou/j occurs here in the Greek, but is ignored by the translator; probably because the thoughts was implied in "husbandry" (gewrgi/an).-R.]

16 ["The lord of that servant," according to our authorities; The Homily varies.-R.]

17 Matt. xviii. 26, 27.

18 e!naulon.

19 Matt. xviii. 28.

20 Matt. xviii. 29. [R. V. omits "all" in this verse, with the best authorities. Probably taken from verse 26.-R.]

21 [R. V., "besoughtest."]

22 Matt. xviii. 32. [R. V., "have had mercy on thy fellow servant, even as I had mercy on thee." The verb is the same in both clauses. "On thy fellow servant," omitted here, is inserted in the comment.-R.]

23 Rom. xi. 29. [Freely cited.]

24 Matt. xviii. 35. [The best New Testament authorities omit "their trespasses," which was readily introduced from similar passages.-R.]

25 Despo/thj.

26 Matt. x. 25.