13 Matt. viii. 27.

14 Matt. xiv. 33.

15 Matt. xiv. 34-36. [In verse 34, R V following a different reading, as: "to the land, unto Gennesaret." In verse 36, Chrysostom omits "only," and reads e0sw/qhsanfor diesw/qhsan.-R.]

16 Matt. xxiii. 9.

17 Rom. viii. 32.

18 Comp. Eph. v. 18.

19 Matt. xxv. 42, 45.

20 St. Jerome (ad Eustoch. Ep. 108 sec. 30) says, "Let others boast of their money, and coin cast into the treasury of God, Funalibusque aureis dona pendentica, `and of their gifts hanging upon golden sconces,0' or perhaps brackets for lamps, on which the Anathemata, or votive offerings, were suspended." See Bingh. 8,8, 1.

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1 [In the Oxford edition verses 3-6 are printed here in full from the A. V. But in the Greek text of the Homily only the first part of ver. 1 appears. As the larger part of the other verses is given below, and as several questions of text and interpretation arise, the passage has been printed here to correspond witll the Grrek.-R.]

2 [R. V., "from Jerusalem Pharisees and Scribes". But Chrysostom's text is as above, agreeing with the received. The omission of the article affects the sense, as indicated in the R. V.-R.]

3 Deut. iv. 2.

4 [R. V., "because of."]

5 [Chrysostom read kai/, with the rec. text, thus making the sentence break off. The A. V. supplies "he shall be free". R. V., omitting "and", with the best authorities, makes this clause the conclusion: "he shall not honor," etc.-R.]

6 [R. V. text omits "and his mother."]

7 [So rec. text, but R. V. reads "word" in the text, with "law" in the margin.-R]

8 Matt. xv. 3-6. [R. V., "because of your tradition."]

9 Exod. xx. 12. See also Ephes. vi. 1, 2.

10 Exod. xxi. 17.

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12 Matt. xv. 8, 9. See Is. xxix. 13.[R. V., "teaching as their doctrines the precepts of men."]

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21 Matt. xv. 14. [So rec. text. The R. V. follows a briefer reading, but properly substitutes "a pit" for "the ditch."-R.] Matt. xv. 15.

22 Matt. xv. 15.