37 Matt. vi. 33. [Comp. Hom. XXII. 4, p.148. on the reading "kingdom of heaven."-K.]

38 prossth=nai, "disagree with, be nauseous to".

39 Matt. viii. 11.

40 [Both terms were current in Jewish theological language but it is implied in the argument that "Abraham's bosom" was not so well known, or so definitely apprehended.-R.]

41 Matt. iii. 9.

42 Matt. xix. 28.

43 Matt. xix. 30.

44 Matt. iii. 9.

45 1 Cor. x. 12.

46 Jer. viii. 4.

47 a0naqei=nai.

48 e9tasqh/sontai. Wisdom vi. 6.

49 Luke xii. 47.

50 Both these sects ascribed the Old Testament to an evil principle, and argued against it from such cases as this of David. Of Marcion, see St. Iren. i. 29, iv. 45. Of Manes, St. Aug. contra Faustum. xxii. 5, 66. [Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, first series, vol. iv. p.297.]

51 Exod. ii. 24.

52 Isa xxxvii. 35.

53 Acts ii. 29.

54 Matt. xxii. 43, Ps. cx. 1.

55 Numb. xii. 13,14.

1 [R. V., "lying sick of a fever."]

2 A. V., "unto them." [The Oxford edition has "rec. vers." here. But the word "received" is now applied, in matters of text, only to the editions of Stephens and Elzevir and the readings they contain. The reference is, of course, to the authorized version, and that version in Matt. viii. 15 follows the received text.-R;]

3 Mark i. 31. See Luke iv. 39. [Mark's favorite term, eu0qu/j, is rendered "straightway" in the R. V., passim.-R.]

4 Matt. viii. 15.

5 Matt. viii. 8.

6 Matt. viii. 15.

7 Matt. viii. 16, 17. [R. V. "our diseases."]

8 Isa. liii. 4. The Evangelist seems to quote the Hebrew, not the LXX. [The explanation given in the Homily agrees with the LXX., "he bare our sins and suffered pain (o0duna=tai) on our behalf." Hebrew has "sorrows" instead of "sicknesses" or "diseases."

9 John 1. 29.

10 kata\ i0stori/an th\n marturi/an a0naginw/skwn, "reading the text in that sense, to which the actual knowledge of the facts concerning Christ, apart from what faith teaches, might guide a man." See Suicer in v. i0stori/a.

11 Matt. viii. 18.

12 Mark i. 34; Luke iv. 41.

13 i. e., "moderate, as receivers, in what we expect from Him:and averse to all display, when we give in His Name."

14 w9rai=oj.

15 Ps. xlv. 2, LXX.

16 Isa. liii. 2, LXX. (So the Hebrew.]

17 meta\ par0r9hsi/aj.

18 Matt. viii. 19.