17 So called from the consent or harmony of the celestial movements of these gods.

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20 Called by Cicero (De Oratore, i. 39) the most eloquent of lawyers, and the best skilled lawyer among eloquent men.

21 Super flua non nocent..

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25 Superstition, from superstes. Against his etymology of Cicero, see Lact. Inst. Div. iv. 28.

26 Balbus, from balbutiens, stammering, babbling.

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1 Written in the year 415.

2 On the application of astrology to national prosperity, and the success of certain religions, see Lecky's Rationalism, i. 303.

3 This fact is not recorded in any of the extant works of Hippocrates or Cicero. Vives supposes it may have found place in Cicero's book, De Fato.

4 I.e. the potter.

5 Epist. 107.