328 Comp. Tit. ii. 14.

329 Literally, "an eternal throne."

330 Literally, "from the ages to the ages of ages."

1 No title, not even a letter, is preserved in A. I. inserts "Clement's (Epistle) to the Corinthians II."

2 Literally, "holy things."

3 Comp. Ps. cxvi. 12.

4 Literally, "lame." I. wovqpoi (wicked).

5 Literally, "of men."

6 Literally, "being full of such darkness in our sight."

7 Literally, "having beheld in us much error and destruction."

8 Comp. Hos ii. 23; Rom. iv. 17, ix. 25.

9 Literally, "willed us from not being to be."

10 Isa. liv. 1; Gal. iv. 27.

11 Some render, "should not cry out, like women in travail." The text is doubtful. I. e~rasupcv (faint).

12 It has been remarked that the writer here implies he was a Gentile.

13 Matt. ix. 13; Luke v. 32.

14 I. Kvpsos (Lord).

15 Comp. Matt. xviii. 11.

16 Literally, "already perishing."

17 I. omits.

18 I. thj alhqeiaj (of truth).

19 Literally, "what is the knowledge which is towards Him."

20 Matt. x. 32

21 Comp. Matt. xxii. 37.

22 Isa. xxix. 13.

23 Matt. vii. 21, loosely quoted.

24 Some read, "God."

25 Or, "with me."

26 The first part of this sentence is not found in Scripture; for the second comp., Matt. vii. 23; Luke xiii. 27.

27 Matt. x. 16.

28 No such conversation is recorded in Scripture.

29 Or, "Let not the lambs fear."

30 Matt. x. 28; Luke xii. 4, 5.

31 Or, "know."

32 The text and translation are here doubtful.

33 Matt. vi. 24; Luke xvi 13.

34 Matt. xvi. 26. I. omits olou (whole).

35 Literally, "speaks of."

36 Or, "enjoy. "

37 The MS. has, "we reckon."

38 Ezek. xiv. 14, 20.

39 Literally, "with what confidence shall we."

40 Wake translates "kingdom," as if the reading had been basileiau; but the MS. has basileiou, "palace."

41 Literally, "that many set sail for corruptible contests," referring probably to the concourse at the Isthmian games.

42 Or, "Let as place before us."

43 Or, "set sail"

44 Literally, "know."

45 Literally, "if be be found corrupting."

46 Baptism is probably meant.

47 Isa. lxvi. 24.

48 Comp. Luke xvi. 10-12.

49 MS. has "we," which is corrected by all editors as above. I. apolabhte.

50 Some have thought this a quotation from an unknown apocryphal book, but it seems rather an explanation of the preceding words.

51 Literally, "looked up."

52 The MS. has eij, "one," which Wake follows, bat it seems clearly a mistake for wj.

53 I. kayos (word).