1 Text corrupt ; " bind "is conjectural.

2 The name is corrupt.

1 According to I, the title is "Clement's (Epistle) to the Corinthians." A includes in a Table of Contents of the New Testament after the Apocalypse:

"Clement's Epistle I."

"Clement's Epistle II."

The space for the title for the 1st Epistle is mutilated, and we find only ".... Corinthians I.;"the 2d Epistle has no title.

On the authority of Eusebius, Jerome, Georgius Syncellus, the earlier editions give the titles, "First Epistle of Saint Clement, Bishop of Rome, to the Corinthians, written in name of the Church of Rome," "Second Epistle of Saint Clement, Bishop of Rome, to the Corinthians."

2 I, peristaseij (critical experiences).

3 Literally "is greatly blasphemed."

4 Literally, "did not prove your all-virtuous and firm faith."

5 Eph. v. 21; 1 Pet. v. 5.

6 Acts xx. 35.

7 I. Xristou (Christ). In the monophysite controversy, the theologians of Alexandria preferred to call the Lord "God" rather than " Christ."

8 Literally, "ye embraced it in your bowels."

9 1 Pet. ii. 17.

10 I. deouj (fear).