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795 cf. Peshitta.

148 17 Jo. 21, 25.

796 In the Borg. MS. the text ends on folio 352a. On folios 354a-355a are found the genealogies, with the title, Book of the Generation of Jesus, that of Luke following that of Matthew without any break. Ciasca has told us nothing of the nature of the text The Subscription follows on folio 355b.

1 see note 1 to Introductory Note in Borg. MS. (above, p. 42).

2 MS., by misplacing the diacritical signs, has Ghobasi.

3 The MS. has Mottayyib; but Ciasca in an additional note inserted after the volume was printed, gives the correct form.

4 The Arabic text of this Subscription is given by Ciasca in his essay, De Tatiani Diatessaron arabica Versione, in I.B. Pitra's Analecta Sacra, tom. iv., p. 466.

1 Cf. "...the island valley of Avilion; Where falls not rain or hail or any snow,Nor ever wind blows loudly; but it lies Deep-meadowed, happy. fair with orchard lawnsAnd bowery hollows crowned with summer seas." Tennyson, Passing of Arthur.