5 Syr., of the living God.

6 Or, sweep off it.

7 Comp. Heb. xi. 38.

8 i.e., to sinful matter-u#lh-the source of the sw=ma in the Gnostic doctrine.

9 Comp. Matt. xiii. 41.

10 Or, come to God.

11 Comp. Rev. xiv. 13.

12 Or, bare rule over.

13 Isa. xxii. 13; 1 Cor. xv. 32.

14 Lit., shut up.

15 Matt. v. 7.

16 Ps. cxix. 137.

17 Comp. Ps. xxiv. 3.

18 The hiatus is thus filled up in the Syriac: Yes, not only are their names written, but their works from day to day: the angel their minister brings tidings of their works every day from morning to morning; they are known to God by their hearts and their works. And after they are recorded, if there happen to them a matter of sun or deficiency, it is purified by chastisement according to their sin, that there be not unto them any defect in their strivings.

19 Rev. xi. 3-12. Enoch and Elijah were suppoesd to be the two witnesses there mentioned.

20 Or, above.

21 Matt. v. 5.

22 Or, the good things.

23 Syr., This is the place of the prophets. A very slight change in the Greek text would give this reading.

24 Comp. 1 Tim. iii. 1-4.

25 The Syriac has: Those who do not confess Jesus Christ, nor His resurrection, nor His humanity, but consider Him as all mortal, and who say that the sacrament of the body of our Lord is bread. The word qeoto/koj in the text was the occasion of the three years' struggle between Nestorius and Cyril of Alexandria, which ended by the condemnation of the former by the Council of Ephesus, a.d. 431. The vie wof the Eucharist in the text is not inconsistent with an early date, though it must be remembered that the idea of a substantial rpesence became the orthodox doctrine only after the Second Council of Nicaeea in a.d. 787.

26 Rev. iv. 4.

27 Matt. xxiv. 30.

28 Comp. Matt. xix. 29.

29 Num. xii. 3.

30 Or, miracles.

31 For this trradition, see the Bible Dictionaries under Manasseh. Comp. Heb. xi. 37.

32 Here the [Greek] MS. abruptle ends. The Syriac thus continues:-And He gave not until I called upon Him again: then He gave unto them. But blessed art thou, O Paul, that they generation and thoes thou teachest are the sons of the kingdom. And know thou, O Paul, that every man who believes through thee hath a great blessing, and a blessing is reserved for him. Then he departed from me. And the angel who was with me led me forth, and said unto me: Lo, unto thee is given this mysterya and revelation. As thou pleasest, make it known unto the sons of men.-And then follow details of the deopsiting of the revelation under the foundation of the house in Tarsus,-details which Tischendorf says the translator of the Syriac did not find in his original. [The close of the English translation of the Syriac version is given in full by Tischendorf (pp. 68, 69). It varies greatly from the above paragraph in the text, besides the addition of the details which Tischendorf regards as spurious.-R.].

1 For the history of the tradition that the transfiguration occurred on Mount Tabor, see Robinson's Researches, ii. 358.

2 One MS. has: 700 cubits.

3 MS. B adds: And they shall be manifested at the consummation of the age, in the judgment to come. Just as the prophet Daniel saw the judgment, I sat, and the books were opened. Then also shall the twelve apostles sit, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. And when I heard this from my Lord, I again asked: Show me, my Lord, when these things shall come to pass, etc. [N is the designation of a Paris manuscript data 1523. All the manuscripts are comparatively recent; see Tischendorf, pp xviii., xix.-R.]

4 MS. B. here inserts Luke xxi. 11.

5 The choenix of corn was a man's daily allowance. It was equal to two points according to some, a pint and a half according to others.

6 Or, gloomy.

7 MS. B. adds: And he will love most of all the nation of the Hebrews; and the righteous shall hide themselves, and flee to mountains and caves. And he shall take vengeance on many of the righteous; and blessed is he who shall not believe in him.

8 Or, dew.

9 To the description of Antichrist, MS. E adds: He holds in his hand a cup of death; and all that worship him drink of it. His right eye is like the morning star, and his left like a lion's; because he was taken prisoner by the archangel Michael, and he took his godhead from him. And I was sent from the bosom of my Father, and I drew up the head of the polluted one, and his eye was consumed. And when they worship him, he writes on their right hands, that they may sit with him in the outer fire; and for all who have not been baptized, and have not believed, have been reserved all anger and wrath. And I said: My Lord, and what miracles does he do? Hear, righteous John: He shall remove mountains and hills, and he shall beckon with his polluted hand, Come all to me; and through his displays and deceits they will be brought together to his own place. He will raise the dead, and show in everything like God. [E is one of the Venice manuscripts.-R.]

10 Ps. lxxxix. 44, 45.

11 Ps. li. 19.

12 Ps. xcviii. 6 according to the LXX.

13 Lit., form quarters even to quarters of the world.

14 Adapted from Eccles. xii. 4.

15 To this section MS. E adds many detalis: They that have gold and silver shall throw them into the streets, and into every place in the world, and no one will heed them. They shall throw into the streets ivory vessels, and robes adorned with stones and pearls ; kings and rulers wasting away with hunger, patriarchs and governors (or abbots), elders and peoples. Where is the fine wine, and the tables, and the pomp of the world? They shall not be found in all the world; and men shall die in the mountains and in the streets, and in every place of the world. And the living shall die from the stink of the dead, etc. Whosoever shall not worship the beast and his pomp shall be called a witness (or martyr) in the kingdom of heaven, and shall inherit eternal life with my holy ones.

16 Comp. Matt. xxii. 30, and parallel passages.

17 Ps. ciii. 14-16 according to LXX.

18 Or, breath.

19 Ps. cxlvi. 4 according to LXX.

20 Another reading is cross.

21 1 Thess. iv. 17.

22 Or, by.

23 Two MSS. have this number; the other four have 500, 1800, 30, 60-100ths.

24 Or, winnow.

25 Ps. li. 7.

26 MS. D has: Again another prophet has said. [D is another Paris manuscript of the fifteenth century.-R.]

27 Isa. xl. 4.

28 Comp. Matt. xxiv. 30.

29 Rev. xxi. 2.

30 Comp. Isa. vi. 3.

31 Or, upon.

32 Phil. ii. 10.

33 Rev. v. 6.

34 Ps. cii. 26.

35 Or, regions sunk in water.

36 Ps. xviii. 11.

37 Lit., tongue.

38 Ms. D inserts, Trinity and.

39 Ps. ix. 17.

40 Ps. xlix. 14.