12 Or, unity.

13 Matt. xxi. 22.

14 Abdias calls him Astyages; elsewhere he is called Sanathrugus.

15 Lit., no-priests-mierei=j for mh\ i0erei=j-a name given in scorn to heathen priests by Christian writers.

16 Lit., calling out.

17 Abdias cals him Vualdath.

18 Or it may mean: that the apostle might be established.

19 Or, in orthodoxy.

1 [Curiously enough, the Vienna MS. has in the title: "one of the seventy," instead of "one of the twelve." The same confusion exists in the writings of Eusebius and Jerome.-R.]

2 Lit., the swift runner.

3 [Compare with this letter that found in Eusebius (Hist. Eccl., i. 13), where the reply is also given. Eusebius claims that he had seen the original documents.-R.]

4 Lit., doubled in four.

5 Or, fault.

6 The other [Vienna] MS. here adds: And having gone into it, he preached Christ, saying to them all with tears, Ye men who have ears to hear, hear from me the word of life: hear attentively, and understand. Cast off your many opinions, and believe and come to the one living and true God, the God of the Hebrews. For He only is the true God and Maker of the whole creation, searching the hearts of mankind, and knowing all about each one before their birth, as being the Maker of them all. To Him alone, fixing your eyes, upon heaven, fall down evening and morning, and at noon, and to Him alone offer the sacrifice of priase, and give thanks always, refraining from what you yourselves hate; because God is compassionate and benevolent, and recompenses to each one according to his works.

7 The Paris MS. has 20th.

1 Tischendorf gives a conjectural reading: who is present to them when they assemble; but the MSS. reading will bear the interpretation given above.

2 Or, in.

3 Prov. xxi. 1.

4 Lit., of all breath and flesh.

5 Equal to our proverb, Seeing is believing.

6 i.e., the Eucharist.

7 Tischendorf conjectures this clause, as the original is illegible.

8 Comp. Heb. x. 26.

9 Or, sowing.

10 Comp. Matt. xiii.

11 Or, deacon.

12 i.e., martyr.

13 The other MSS. has: not without concern.

14 Or, saw.

15 The word digrwsi/w| is not to be found in any of the dictionaries. Perhaps it is a misreading of diazw/stra|.

16 Or, apostleship.

17 Lit., words or reasons.

18 Or, visible.

19 Or, muzzle.

20 John xxi. 22.

1 There is great variety as to these names in the MSS. The true reading was probably diafu/twr or diafuteuth/j, a planter, and mhlata/j or mhlobo/thj, a keeper of sheep.

2 Lit., made.

3 One MS. adds: And Adam lived 930 years; and when he came to his end he cried, etc.

4 One MS. has: and he will bring to me of the tree in which compassion flows, and thy trouble shall cease from thee.

5 Or, plagues.