54 [Compare Tatian's use of a like figure, vol. ii. note 2, p. 67, this series.]

55 fw=tej.

56 fwto\j.

57 [A Montanist token.]

58 For a0blabe/j in the text, we must, translating thus, read a0blabh=. If we translate, as we may, "Gnostic virtue is a thing everywhere good, and meek," etc., no change is required in the reading.

59 to\ kalo\n.

60 [From some lost work of his ]

61 Gen. i 3.

62 Isa. xliv. 6.

63 [On these quotations see Lardner, Credib., ii. 256, and Jones, Canon. vol. i. p 373.]

64 Wisd. iii. 7.

65 Ps. xviii. 26.

66 Luke xxiv. 34.

67 Ps. xviii. 43.

68 Ps. xviii. 50.

69 kth/sewj, instead of kti/sewj, as in the text, and kth=sin for kti/sin in the next clause.

70 'Anastre/fei e0pi\ mo/nouj tou\j e0n sarki/. For which, as slightly preferable, Sylburg. proposes ;e!ti me/nontaj e0n sarki/, as above.

71 [See note 6, p. 48, supra.]

72 Adopting the reading, moi/raj, instead of that in the text, pei/raj.

73 [See note 6, p. 48, supra.]

74 Luke i. 43.

75 Ps. xix. 1. [Here follow notes on successive verses, some not unworthy of an orthodox Father.]

76 i e.. the covenant.

77 stere/wma

78 stere/wma

79 Ps. xviii. 1.

80 For e0a=n, which is the reading of the text, Sylburgius' suggestion of ei!a or ei!ase has been adopted.

81 See note 9, p. 3, supra.]

82 [No doubt he may have said this.]

83 Or rather, as Sylb. points out, this is a case of the past used for the present, etc.

84 parousi/an, kata/stasin, the reading of the text, is, as Sylburg. remarks, plainly corrupt; parau=san, as above, is the most obvious correction.

85 Matt. xiii. 43.

86 Gen. i. 18

87 meq' here clearly should be kaq' or e0f'.

88 If we may venture to change au0tou= into au0tw=n.

89 'En th=| a0krh=| a0pokarasta/sei. The last word yields no suitable sense, and conjecture as to the right reading is vain; and we have left it untranslated. The Latin translator renders "qui in summa arce collocati sunt."

90 #Hlioj is (with marvellous ignorance of the Hebrew tongue, as Combefisius notices) here identified with Eli, yli)'

91 Ps. xix. 8.

92 Isa. ii. 3.

93 Ps. xix 12, Septuagint.

94 ai9 toiau=tai e0piqumi/ai, for which the Septuagint has epiqumhta/ as in A. V.

1 See vol. vii. pp. 509-523.

2 Against this class Cyprian stoutly contended,Comp. Cyprian, Ante-Nicene Fathers, vol. v. pp. 357, 358, 587-592.