3 Or, aeons.

4 dunastei/a|.

5 panepi/skopoj.

6 Matt. v. 39; 1 Pet. iii. 9.

7 Here is a good deal of the text is wanting. The Bodleian MS. fills up the blank to some extent:-Walking two and two, but let them not talk with the young men, lest Satan tempt them. For he is a creeping serpent, and made Adam be sdestroyed even to death. And thus shall it be again at this time, for the time and the season shall be wicked. Many women and men shall leave the work of marriage, and the women shall assume the name of virginity, but knowing nothing at all about it, and that it has a great and glorious seal. And there shall be many men in those days in word only, and not in its power: for theys hall observe virginity in the members of the flesh, and commit fornication in their hearts, etc. [The MS. is that referred to on p. 500. Tischendorf gives large extracts from it; the Greek text of this paragraph may be found on pp. 154, 155, supplement to Apocalypses Apocryphoe.-R.]

8 Matt. v. 28.

9 Gen. iii. 6.

1 Another reading is Aegeas. [This is the reading of the Bodleian MS., already frequently referred to (See p. 355). In mosh cases its text is followed in the Latin version collated by Tischendorf.-R.]

2 Deut. xxxii. 17; 1 Cor. x. 20, 21.

3 Or, Prince.

4 Matt. xvi. 22.

5 John x. 18.

6 Matt. xxvi. 21.

7 Another reading is: This is what I spoke of, as you know- that great is the mystery of the cross; and if so be that you are willing to listen, I will reveal it.

8 Perhaps we should read a0nadeicei, shalt exhibit, for a0nade/cei.

9 Two MSS., of sinners.

10 Or, shut out.

11 Lit., be rolled towards.

12 Matt. xii. 19.

13 Comp. 2 Cor. iv. 17.

14 Or, their sacred rites.

15 Comp. Matt. iii. 12.

16 Another reading is, seven quaternions.

17 One of the MSS. [the Bodleian] has here: Giving orders to the centurions that he should be bound hand and foot as if he were stretched on the rack, and not pierced with nails, that he might not die soon, but be tormented with long-continuing torture.

18 Another reading is: I am attached to thee.

19 The original is obscure. The meaning seems to be that he was tied only, not nailed. The nailing, however, seems to have been an essential part of the punishment of crucifixion.

20 It was common to let loose wild beasts on the crucified (Sueton., Nero, 49).

21 Instead of this paragrph, on MS. [the Bodleian] has: And there ran up a great multitude, about twenty thousand in number, among whom was the brother of Aegeas, Stratocles by name: and he cried out with the people, It is an unjust judgment. And the holy Andrew, hitting upon the thoughts of the believers, exhorted them to endure the temporary trial, saying that the suffering counted for nothing when compared with the eternal recompense.

22 One MS. calls her the proconsul's wife. [So Pseudo-Abdias: but the Greek MSS., collated by Tischendorf, do not give this reading.-R.]

23 i.e., having nothing to do with us.

24 o0monoiai.

25 Lit., females.

26 i.e., 30th November, St. Andrew's day.