10 Another and more probable reading is: He who is the son of Barek, which means living water.

11 Or, hams.

12 One of the MSS. has: has no resemblance to a man in anything.

13 A Bodleian MS. adds: for be cause I am wrathful, Jesus named me Son of thunder. [This is the MS. from which Grabe derived his text of the Acts of Paul and Thecla; comp. pp. 355 and 491.-R.]

14 Luke xxiii. 34.

15 Matt. xi. 29.

16 The Bodleian MS. has the Hebrew thus: Saballon, prumeni, duthael, tharseli, annachathaei; adonab batclo teloe.

17 The Bodleian MS. has Ailoel.

18 Comp. Luke ix. 62.

19 Comp. Matt. xxii. 11.

20 Comp. Matt. ix. 37.

21 Or, the Eucharist.

22 Or, type.

23 Alluding to Isa. xi. 6.

24 Comp. 1 Cor. vii. 5.

25 Lit., be a good trier.

26 On the subject of the immemorial practice of prayers for the dead, see Apostolical Constitutions, vi. 30, viii. 47. Comp. a Macc. xii. 44 and 2 Tim. i. 18.

27 Lit., president of the games.

1 Comp. Matt. x. 10; Mark vi. 9.

2 Acts xvii. 21.

3 Comp. Matt. ix. 17, etc.

4 Eph. i. 21.

5 Or, preaching.

6 Acts iv. 12.

7 There seems to be some omission in the MSS. here.

8 Lit., of life.

9 Or, these men.

10 It was James and John who were called sons of thunder (Mark iii. 17).

11 This last sentence is very corrupt in the original. A few changes give it the meaning above.

12 Rom. viii. 34, etc.

13 Better tax' a!n qea/sesqe-you will perhaps see.

14 Or, which the high priest casts off for himself.

15 Comp. Acts v. 39 and xxiii. 9 in Textus Receptus.

16 Phil ii. 11.

17 Or, thou being a chief man who has done away with.

18 There is some doubt about the readnig here.

1 [The Greek text of this addition is given by Tischendorf in the aupplement appended to his volume containing Apocalypses Apocryphoe, pp. 141-150. The MS. from which it is taken is of the eleventh century. Tischendorf regards this form as of Gnostic origin.-R.]

2 u0po/stasin.