13 [Comp. Homily IV. 12 and the full discussion in XIV. 3-11. In the Recognitions there is no reference to "genesis" before book viii. 2, etc., which is parallel with the passage just referred to.-R.]

14 A conjectural reading, which seems probable, is, Unless he come to you with credentials, viz., from James. [The whole charge is peculiar to the Homilies.-R.].

15 Literally, "having broken."

1 [On the correspondence of Homilies XII., XIII., with Recognitions, vii., see note on vii. 1. Chaps. 1-24 here agree quite closely, even in the divisions of chapters, with Recognitions, vii. 1-24.-R.]

2 Literally, "of wickedness."

3 Here the text is hopelessly corrupt, and the meaning can only be guessed at.

4 I have ventured to make a very slight change on the readnig here, so as to bring out what I suppose to be the sense.

5 A negative particle seems to be dropped from the text.

6 [The family names as given in the Recognitions are: Matthidia; Faustinianus (the father): Faustinus and Faustus, the twin sons.-Comp. Recognitions, viii. 8, and passim.-R.]

7 [Comp. Recognitions, vii. 23, where the translator prints the word in italics.-R.]

8 [The remainder of this Homily has no parallel in the Recognitions. The views presented are peculiar, and indicate a speculative tendency, less marked in the Recognitions.-R.]