2 [Most of the matter in chaps. 4-18 is found in Recognitions, v. 23-36.-R.]

3 [Comp. Recognitions, iii. 21, etc. In that work the freedom of the will, as necessary to goodness, is more frequently affirmed.-R.]

4 We have adopted the reading of Codex O. The reading in the others is corrupt.

5 Matt. xvii. 20.

6 [At this point the first discourse in the Recognitions (v. 36) ends; the following chapters (19-33) agrees with the discourse in Recognitions, vi. 4-14.-R.]

7 Matt. x. 34.

8 Luke xxiii. 34.

9 Altered from John iii. 5.

10 [Comp. Recognitions, ix. 7.-R.]

11 Matt. xii. 42; [Luke xi. 31.-R.].

12 [Matt. xii. 41]: Luke xi. 32. [The order of the two citations suggests that they were taken from Luke.-R.].