1 [Book v. of the Recognitions, assigned to the second day at Tripolis, contains most of the matter in this Homily, but has many passages without a parallel here.-R.]

2 Matt. iv. 10; [Luke iv. 8; Deut. vi. 13.-R.].

3 [Recognitions, v. 14, is parallel to this chapter, and the resemblance is close throughout some of the succeeding chapters.-R.]

4 [This, with the corresponding passage in Recognitions, v. 15, points to an early origin of the literature, under the heathen emperors.-R.]

5 [Comp. Recognitions, ii. 45, and especially the full discussion about the serpent in Recognitions, v. 17-26.-R.]

6 gastrw=n pneu/mata.

1 [With chaps. 2, 3, the corresponding chapters in Recognitions, vi., agree. The parallel is resumed in chap. 19.-R.]