14 Matt. xii. 42; Luke xi. 31.

15 Matt. xii. 41: Luke xi. 32.

16 [Comp. Homily XI. 35, 36, which, however, contain additional matter.-R.]

17 Literally, "breaking the Eucharist".

1 [The narrative of book vii. is given in Homilies XII., XIII.: chap. 38 including some details of Homily XIV. 1. The variations in the narrative portions are unimportant: but the Homilies contain longer discourses of the Apostle. Chaps 1-24 here correspond quite exactly with Homily XII. 1-24; the topics of the respective c chapters being the same, and the variations mainly in forms of expression.-R.]

2 [Comp. Homily XII. 8, where the names given are Mattidia, Faustus (father); Faustinus and Faustinianus, the twin sons. With these names some connect the German legend of Faust: see Schaff, History, ii. 442.-R.]

3 Various reading, "glass."

4 Perhaps, "a man in good position".

5 [This is the title-word of the book as is evident . Hence the italics here, and not in Homily XII. 23.-R.]

6 [At this point a discourse of the Apostle on "philanthropy" is inserted in the Homilies (xii. 25-33). Homily XIII. I corresponds with this chapter.-R.].