6 Also in Eusebius, Hist. Eccl., iii. 20.

7 Ta\ e0pithdeu/mata au0tou=.

8 9Hge/sasqai.

9 Also in Eusebius, Hist. Eccl., iii. 32.

10 9Upatikou=. [St. John died a few years before.]

11 Tou= swthriou khru/gmatoj.

12 Also in Eusebius, Hist. Eccl., iv. 22.

13 'En tw|= o0rqw|= lo/go|.

14 [Elucidation, p. 785.]

15 'Akoai=j mata/aij.

16 'Eme/risan th\n e0nwsin th=j e0kklhsi/aj. [Acts xx. 29-31.]

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3 MSS. "planted."

4 The text is evidently corrupt.

5 [For the reply of Pinytus, and what is said by Eusebius of seven other epistles, see Routh, R.S., vol. i. pp. 181-184.]

6 i.e., of such importance or of such a character.

1 In Eusebius, Hist. Eccl., v. 13.

2 Or Rhodo.

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1 The Marcionites.

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3 'Arxh/n. [See vol. vii. p. 365, this series.]

4 Daimonw/shj.

5 Some copies have "Marcion the sailor," and so Tertullian (de Proescriptionibus) speaks of him. [Vol. iii. cap. 30, p. 257, this series.]

6 To\n lo/gon.

1 A fact which gave rise to a controversy, on which cnosult Routh, Rel. Sac., vol. ii. p. 78.

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2 Xwrhto\n, the reading of one MS. instead of xwrhtiko/n.

3 For ei0 de\ me/roj au0th=j, o_lon e0xw/rhsen au0to/n, Migne reads, ei! ge (or ei0 dh\) me/roj au0th=j o#on, k.t.l.

4 Sustolh/n tina.