176 "Before all" is omitted in one V. ms.

177 One V. ms. reads "sender forth" instead of "Lord."

178 Ps. lxxiv. 16.

179 One V. ms. reads "with" instead of "in."

180 Ps. xliv. 20.

181 Ex. xxxiv. and xx.

182 Ps. xvii. 8.

183 One V. ms. reads, "with whom," and "with the Holy Spirit."

184 [They are "at rest." Yet this prayer, and wherefore? See St. Augustine, Confessions (ed. Migne), p. 765, Nebridius.]

185 Matt. xxii. 32; Wisd. iii. 1.

186 "With whom," one V. ms.

187 Ps. xxviii. 9.

188 2 Tim. iv. 7.

189 The Syriac and a Greek marginal reading give "the thirtieth."

190 Deut. xxxiv. 8. [Comp. Aug., Confess. (ed. Migne), p. 778.]

191 [The "month's mind" was anciently of this sort, with no reference to purgatorial penalties. "Credo jam feceris quod rogo."-Aug.]

192 The Syriac and the Oxford ms. read "God" instead of "Lord."

193 Ps. xi. 7.

194 Isa. lxii. 11.

195 Prov. xxxi. 4, LXX.

196 The Syriac, the Coptic, and the Oxford ms. add, "the bishops." The Coptic omits "the deacons."

197 The Coptic adds, "Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit."

198 Prov. xxiii.; Ecclus. xxxi. 25-31; Eph. v. 18; Prov. xxvi. 9.

199 Prov. xxiii. 29, 30.

200 [A token of the early origin of what is genuine in these interpolated Constitutions.]

201 Matt. x. 23.

202 Matt. xxvi. 41.

203 Luke x. 16; Matt. x. 40; John xiii. 20.

204 Ps. civ. 9.

205 Job xxxviii. 10, 11.

206 Num. xvi.; 2 Chron. xxvi.

207 Num. xii. 7, 8; Ex. xxxiii. 11, 17.

208 1 Sam. xiii.

209 2 Chron. xxvi.

210 1 Kings xiii. 33.

211 1 Cor. xiv. 33. [See p. 500, note 6, infra.]

212 Acts ix. 5. [See Acts xxvi. 14, where the clause is genuine. In ix. 5 it is a later interpolation of the Vulgate and Erasmus.-R.]

213 The Coptic adds, "the Son of God, and true God."

214 Ex. xxviii. and xxix.

215 The Coptic adds "God."

216 Acts vi. and vii.

217 One V. ms. has the following note: "That he who baptized the Ethiopian eunuch was not the Apostle Philip, but one of those who were chosen along with St. Stephen to be deacons, and who also had four daughters, as says Luke in the Acts." [See pp. 452, 492, supra.]

218 Acts viii. and ix.

1 [The brief notes on these canons have been mainly derived from the text and notes appended to Hefele's History of Christiaan Councils, vol. i. pp. 450-492, Edinburgh translations.-R.]

2 [Comp. Apostolic Constitutions, iii. 20, viii. 4, 27, on these two canons.-R.]

3 [This canon, and the two following ones, which explain it, point to some early heretical customs. The Apostolic Constitutions furnish no exact parallel. Canon 4 was joined with 3 in the Greek text. Dionysius divided them: hence a variation in number exists from this point.-R.]

4 [Dionysius omits aut diaconus.-R.]

5 Comp. Apostolic Constitutions, ii. 6.-R.]

6 This points to a discussion in the third century.-R.]

7 [Canons 9-16 agree with those of the Council of Antioch, A.D., 341; but there is a difference of opinion on the question of priority.

8 Dionysius Exiguus translates "communicans," in which case the Greek reading must be dekto/j, or, "who can be received."