18 Some editors insert "and patient."

19 [1 Tim. i. 3. A striking suggestion, put in our author's terse way.]

20 1 John ii. 6.

21 [See Elucidation VII. The Trent Council itself (on Matt. xvi. 18) affirms this of the Creed, not Peter. Vol. iv. pp. 99 and 101.]

22 1 Pet. ii, 21-23, with a singular departure from the received text.

23 According to some, "parricidal."

24 Gen. iii. 17-19.

25 [How practical this treatise in an age when to be a Christian meant to be prepared for all these things! "Fiery trials" the chronic state.]

26 John xvi. 33.

27 Matt. x. 22.

28 John viii. 31, 32.

29 Rom. viii. 24, 25.

30 A common reading here is "giving" instead of" showing," scil. "praestante" for "representante."

31 Gal. vi. 10, 9.

32 Ezek. xxxiii. 12.

33 Rev. iii. 11.

34 The older editions have "gustatam," "tasted," instead of "gestatam," " carried," as above. [See page p. 350, supra. Also St. Cyril. Elucidation VIII.]

35 1 Cor. xiii. 4-7.

36 Eph. iv. 2, 3.

37 Manutius, Pamelius, and others add, "not only seventy times seven times."

38 Or, "them with the stedfastness of patience," etc.

39 Acts vii. 60.

40 Eph. iv. 30, 31.

41 Ecclus. ii. 4, 5.

42 [Admirably worked out in Messiasand Anti-Messias, by the Rev. C. I. Black, ed. London, Masters, 1854.]

43 [The downfall of Novatian and of Arius and others seems largely attributable to this sin. They could not await God's time to give them influence and power for good. See quotation from Massillon, vol. iii. p. 718, this series. Also Tertull., iii. p. 677.]

44 The Oxford edition adds here, according to some authorities, "and will not put off the recompense of evils until that day of last judgment, we exhort you, for the meanwhile, embrace with us this benefit of patience, that," etc.; and it omits the following ten words.

45 On the authority of one codex, Pamelius here adds, "and envious."

46 Zeph. iii. 8.

47 "Dearest brethren," Oxford edit.

48 Rev. xxii. 10-12.

49 Rev. vi. 9-11.

50 Mal. iv. 1.

51 Ps. l. 3 6.

52 Isa. lxvi. 15, 16.

53 Isa. xlii. 13, 14.

54 [Ps. l. 3.]

55 Phil. ii. 9, 10.

56 [Origen, vol. iv. p. 544, this series.]

57 Rev. xxii. 9; [also Rev. xix. 10. And compare Acts x. 26, and Acts xiv. 14, 15; also Col. ii. 18.]

1 [This is numbered xii. in Oxford trans., and is assigned to A.D. 256.]

2 The deacon Pontius thus briefly suggests the purpose of this treatise in his Life of Cyprian: "Who was there to restrain the ill blood arising from the envenomed malignity of envy with the sweet ness of a wholesome remedy?"

3 1 Pet. v. 8.

4 According to some, "of our members."

5 [The nude in art, the music of the opera, and sensual luxury of all sorts, are here condemned. And compare Clem. Alex., vol. ii. p. 249, note II, this series.]

6 [Chrysostom, vol. iv. p. 473, ed. Migne. This close practical preaching is a lesson to the younger clergy of our days.]

7 Some add "long ago."

8 Wisd. ii. 24. [So Lactantius, Institutes, book ii. cap. ix. in vol. vii., this series.]

9 [Chrysostom, vol. iv. p. 473, ed. Migne. This close practical preaching is a lesson to the younger clergy of our days.]

10 [Chrysostom, ut. supra.]

11 Variously "semel " or "simul."

12 [Matt. xxvi. 18.]

13 Or, with some editors, "more increased in honours." [To be purged from a Christian's heart like a leprosy from the body. See Jeremy Taylor, sermon xix., Apples of Sodom. Quotation from Aelian, vol. i, p. 717.]

14 [The sin of Novatian and Arius. See p. 489, note 3, supra.]

15 [Another specimen of our author's pithy condensations of thought and extraordinary eloquence.]

16 Ps. xxxvii, 7.

17 Ps. xxxvii. 12, 13.

18 Rom. iii, 13-18.

19 Erasmus and others give this reading. Baluzins, Routh, and many codices, omit "vulnus," and thus read, "what is seen."

20 [" It punishes the delinquent in the very act." Jer. Taylor, ut supra, p. 492, also Anselm, Opp., i. 682, ed. Migne.]

21 Luke ix. 48. [Elucidation IX.]

22 [And all ground for a supremacyamong brethren was here absolutely ejected from the Christian system. The last of the canonical primates of Rome named himself Servus Servorum Deito rebuke those who would make him "Universal Bishop."]

23 Rom. xiii. 12, 13.

24 1 John iii, 15.

25 1 John ii. 9-11.

26 John viii. 12.

27 1 Pet. ii. 21.