2 Some read, "might not be tried by the faith of their charity and unity."

3 Some old editions read, "of that thing."

4 Luke xv.7.

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2 [Oxford trans., p. III. Elucidation VIII. and p. 319, supra.]

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3 [See letter xliv. p. 322, p. 322, supra.]

4 [" From her greatness;" he does not even mention her dignity as the one and only apostolic see of Western Christendom. And this is the case in subsequent action of the Great Councils. Rome, though not theroot, was yet a "root and matrix."]

5 Matt. xv. 13.

6 [Cyprian's idea of unity as expounded in his treatise, infra.]

1 Oxford ed.: Ep. liii, A.D. 251.

2 [The language of this letter clearly demonstrates the primitive condition of the Roman clergy and their bishop, and their entire unconsciousness of any exceptional position in their estate or relations to other churches. "Our bishop " - not Urbis et Orbis papau.]

1 Oxford ed.: Ep. liv. A.D. 252.

2 2 Tim. ii. 20.

3 [i.e., On Unityand On the Lapsers.]

4 " Of the Unity of the Church." [And note, Cyprian innocently teaches these Roman clergy the principles of Catholic unity, without an idea that they were in a position to know much more on the subject than they could be taught by a bishop in Africa.]

1 Oxford ed.: Ep. lv. A.D. 252.

2 That be may induce him to this, he narrates the history of the whole disturbance between Cornelius and Novatian, and explains that Cornelius was an excellent man, and legitimately elected; while Novatian was guilty of many crimes, and had obtained an unlawful election.

3 [" Our co-bishop,"-language which reflects our author's idea of Catholic communion. See his Treatise on Unity; also p 329.]

4 [His idea is, that to be in communion with the whole Church, one must be in fellowship with his own lawful bishop.]

5 Ep. xiii. 2.

6 [The provincial council, clearly.]

7 Ep. xxx. p. 310.

8 [On principles of Catholic unity expounded in his Treatise.]

9 [Note this appeal to Scripture aiways, as enthroned infallibility, insuring the presence of the Spiritof counsel.]

10 [A most important reference to the true position of the Roman See. Elucidation IX.]

11 [Novatian and his like.]

12 [On the death of Fabian, see Ep. iii. p. 281; sufferings of Cornelius (inference), p, 3O3; Decius, p. 299.]

13 [On the death of Fabian, see Ep. iii. p. 281; sufferings of Cornelius (inference), p, 3O3; Decius, p. 299.]

14 [Not by a mere decision, but by consent o( "colleagues."]

15 Opprimi.

16 [Jude 22.]

17 [Episcopo tractante. See Oxford trans., a valuable note, p. 124; also Vincent, Common., cap. 28.]

18 [Ezek. xxxiv. 4.]