171 kai\ w9j eu0dokimou=nte/j ge o#son ou0k e9gkatlei/ponto. The negative particle (ou0k) is wanting in the editions of Hoeschel and Spencer, but is found in the Royal, Basil, and Vatican mss. Guietus would delete o#son (which emendation has been adopted in the translation), while Boherellus would read o#soi instead. - Ruaeus.

172 [Josephus, Antiquities, b. xi. cap. viii.]

173 gohtei/a.

174 to\n kunoke/falon.

175 o#ti krei=tton eu#romen.

176 Cf. Isa. ix. 6. [according to Sept. See vol. i. pp. 223, 236, this series.]

177 [See p. 380, supra.]

178 [Gen. vi. 2. S.]

179 [See Dr. Lee on The Inspiration of Holy Scripture, p. 383, where it is pointed out that the primitive Church was fully aware of the difficulties urged against the historic accuracy of the Four Gospels. Dr. Lee also notes that the culminating sarcasm of Gibbon's famous fifteenth chapter "has not even the poor merit of originality." S.]

180 to\n e0r0r9wme/non bi/on.

181 kai\ to\ mhde\n tugxa/nonta.

182 e9autw=n. Guietus would read au0tw=n, to agree with tw=n e0kklhsiw=n.

183 Instead of ta\j a0po\ th=j didaskali/aj tou= 'Ihsou= a9forma/j, Boherellus conjectures tou\j ... a0formw=ntaj, which has been adopted in the translation.

184 tw=n a0po\ mega/lhj e0kklhsi/aj.

185 kate/pausen.

186 a0napausa/menoj.

187 sabbatismou=.

188 th\n e0kei=qen e0pa/nodon.

189 fugh/n.

190 2 Cor. iii. 15.

191 a0spasame/noij.

192 2 Tim. i. 3.

193 e0k kataskeuh=j.

194 a0po\ tou= plh/qouj.

195 Sibullista/j.

196 1 Cor. iv. 12, 13.

197 Tit. iii. 10, 11.

198 Ki/rkaj kai\ ku/khqra ai0mu/la.

199 Cf. 1 Tim. iv. 1-3.

200 a0koh=j dausth/ria. Cf. note in Benedictine ed.

201 ai0ni/gmata. Cf. note in Benedictine ed.

202 skanda/lou.

203 e0corxoume/naj kai\ sofistri/aj.

204 Cf. 2 Cor. x. 3-5.

205 [Irenaeus, vol. i. p. 353.]

1 a0nata/sewj.

2 polu\ de\ to\ h#meron e0a\n . . . oi[oj te/ tij te/ tij ge/nhtai e0pistre/fein.

3 polla\ xai/rein fra/santej.

4 a0ndrapo/doij.

5 kai\ mh\ oi[oi/ te katakou/ein th=j e0n fra/sei lo/gwn kai\ ta/cei a0paggellome/nwn a0kolouqi/aj, m o/nwn e0fro/ntisan tw=n a0natrafe/entwn en lo/goij kai\ maqh/uasin.

6 e0nei=don.

7 [See Dr. Burton's Bampton Lectures On the Heresies of the Apostolic Age, pp. 198, 529. S.]

8 filolo/gwn.

9 1 Cor. ii. 4, 5.

10 Such is the reading of the Septuagint version. The Masoretic text has: "The Lord gave a word; of them who published it there was a great host." [Cf. Ps. lxviii. 11. S.]