216 Or, "ships:" nhw=n, instead of nhpi/wn, has been suggested as better sense and better metre.

217 Or, "rejoicing in eternity."

218 By altering the punctuation, we can translate thus: "Guide, O holy King, Thy children safely along the footsteps of Christ."

219 The word used here is ya/lwmen, originally signifying, "Let us celebrate on a stringed instrument." Whether it is so used here or not, may be matter of disupte.

220 [The holy virgin of Nazareth is the author of the first Christian hymn, The Magnificat. It is a sequel to the psalms of her father David, and interprets them. To Clement of Alexandria belongs the praise of leading the choir of uninspired Christian poets, whom he thus might seem to invoke to carry on the strain through all time.]

221 [The hymn suffixed to Thomson's Seasons might seem to have been suggested by this ancient example of praise to the Maker. But, to feel this hymn, we must reflect upon its superiority, in a moral point of view, to all the Attic Muse had ever produced before.]

222 [The Scriptures are the rule of faith.]

223 [Kaye's careful criticism of M. Barbeyrac's captious complains against Clement, are specially instructive. p. 109.]