7 Theog., 104.

8 [Theog., 116-133. S.]

9 The Benedictine editor proposes to read these words after the first clause of c. 7. We follow the reading of Wolf and Fell, who understand the pyramids to be referred to.

10 Aristoph., Av., 694. A wind-egg being one produced without impregnation, and coming to nothing.

11 The Dionysian family taking its name from Dionysus or Bacchus.

12 The following lines are partly from the translation of Hughes.

13 Oedipus Rex, line 978.

14 Il., xx. 242.

15 This verse is by Plutarch hesitatingly attributed to Pindar. The expression, "Though you swim in a wicker basket," was proverbial.

16 Literally, "in fancy and error."