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What is a data mine?

Data mining is a branch of artificial intelligence which tries to sift through mounds of data to discover hidden patterns and insights.

These pages have less to do with artificial intelligence than human-computer intelligent interaction. Human-computer intelligent interaction is a different field which is about helping computers help you think. The focus is not on the computer's intelligence, but the person's. This particular tool is meant to help you sift through mounds of data and discover hidden patterns and insights.

This search engine was written by Jonathan Hayward as a tool to study the Nicaene and Post-Nicaene Fathers collection for his studies. He has studied French at the Sorbonne, math at the University of Illinois, and theology at Cambridge. He enjoys writing, musing, and talking with his friends. Jonathan has taught at DeVry University and is available for work.

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Some of these works are now available on Kindle for you to curl up with.